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The village of Hosh Tall Safiye is located in the middle of the Bekaa Valley and at the same distance from the Western and Eastern mountain ranges  and on the line of the division of the water in the Bekaa Valley. In the northern border water flows to pour on the Orontes River to the north, and from its southern border  water is flowing until the Litany River in the south of Lebanon.



Hosh Tall Safiye is bordered on the east by the city of Baalbek, on the west the town of Hosh Al dahab, on the north the town of Iaat and on the south the town Hosh Barada, with an area of ​​five thousand km, hundred percent scanned  real estate.
Its  population is about three thousand and five hundred person, of whom eight hundred electors. About a third of the population condemns the Maronite Christian sect, from their families: Baino Rouhana,Nader and Karam and the rest of the population condemn Shiite Muslim sect, from their families: Sid, Alfoani and Hanash.

Families and  municipality history:

These families Lives in peace and harmony since its existence, they sympathetically  agreed on good times and bad times without any social or sectarian dispute, even in the darkest conditions the Islamic-Christian coexistence  remained fine and wasn't disturb by any incident.
The municipal council In the town of Hosh Tall Safiye was established for the first time in 1965 and is composed of nine members.
It was successively preside by  Ibrahim Mohamed Muawiya, Dr. Mohammed Ali Muawiya, and the current mayor, Mr. Abbas Haider Muawiya.

Name of the village and its history:

The name of the town is a compound of three words: Hosh Tall Safiye and it means agricultural community.
And  Tel alone means a Little hill of earth large established since ancient ages as a media by setting fire to inform others for any serious condition. And safiya is the name of a devout of god and she has a shrine in the center of the village and it is said she is a descend of  Imam Hussein peace be upon him and that she came in the year 36 Hijri.

Achievements of the municipality of Hosh Tall Safiye :

  1. Work to find a clean environment and to maintain public health by collecting wastes everyday and burned it  in sanitary landfill.
  2. Establishing a plant for refining clean drinking water to all residents.
  3. Implant the largest possible number of forest trees and fruit.
  4. Supervise the place of Ms. Safiya and the Church of St. John the Baptist.

Projects In progress:

The Establishment of a public hall
Development of new roads within the town
The establishment of a public park .


The town's public school was established since 1955 and has students of the village and its neighboring villages.  there are also a church: the church of Saint John the Baptist of the Maronite community in addition we can find 2  associations: Lebanese Association for Development of the charity and rural social Hosh Tall Safiye Tel descriptive.

Contact Us:

Tel: 08/379 369
Fax: 08/379 369

Hauosh Tall Safiye Municipality