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  Doris Municipality  
Doris Municipality
A historical name whose origin was disagreed upon, wither it’s related to king “Darius” or princess “Doris” or someone else. The town is located at the south entrance of Baalbek and is bordered by “Alansar” and “Altayba” to the south, Baalbek in the north, “Majdaloun and Haouch Barada” to the east.
Its population is in continuous increase due to the movement of urban areas and it’s estimated to about 14000 individuals, while the registered are almost 6000.
Main resources of the town are agricultural, commercial and industrial traffic, in addition to employment in the public and private sectors and professions.
Its scope contains a number of municipal hospitals, educational institutions and public administrations.
 Doris is characterized by being a model for co-existence with all its sects and creeds. Its residents are like a united family in good and bad times, living in an atmosphere of openness, understanding, love, and mutual respect.
The first municipal board was headed by Said Nagib Ngaim in 1936.
Second municipal board was headed by the lawyer Tarek Elias Ngaim in 1999 and consists of 12 members.
Third municipal board was headed by Badya Abdo Ngaim and consists of 15 members. 
The current board is headed by the lawyer Tarek Elias Ngaim and consists of 15 members
Municipality of Doris was characterized by solidarity of its council, dedication for the public interest and providing all the comfort and necessary services for the town and its people.
Basic and major projects were completed, including the planting of about six thousand trees in the roadsides and squares, and providing it with protection, maintenance, and irrigation.
Surfacing main and internal roads, and creating pavements on their sides.
Future projects of the municipality are the construction of the municipal building, equipping the artesian well and connecting it with the public network, construction of a park and a monument for the martyrs of the municipality

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